Developing a customer service strategy for new markets

Developing a customer service strategy for new markets


Challenges and opportunities

Skanska Residential Development UK, the newly created residential arm of Skanska construction, is a brand new business in a unique market.

Skanska approached Engine Service Design to research and design the end-to-end customer journey for the purchase of homes in their new UK development, and to bring a fresh and innovative approach to their residential market development, with a clearly differentiated offer for UK customers.

Engine explored the emotive aspect of the challenge and the experience. We focused the project away from simply mapping out a desirable home buying experience, towards helping Skanska create a place where people want to live. We researched with customers and homebuyers to identify key needs and points of differentiation to increase the desirability of Skanska’s homes and their unique offer in the market, flavoured with their Scandinavian origins.

We delivered a detailed Customer Experience Strategy, including a service vision with supporting principles, and a high-level customer journey with signature service moments and concepts to bring it to life for Skanska and their future residents.

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What we did

Engine began by working with Skanska to form a hypothesis of the customer experience strategy, aligned with their brand principles, and to map the existing purchase journey.

We tested the hypothesis through research with a range of residential buyers, gaining insights into their experiences, particular needs and home owning history. We got feedback from them on a range of service propositions to support the potential customer purchase journey. Engine also met with experts from the industry for a professional perspective on the propositions and experience.

Engine compiled and explored the research insights and presented them back to the Skanska team. We then worked with the team to co-create and develop propositions to detail and bring the customer experience to life.

We aimed to develop the experience beyond just purchase to all the potential touchpoints of the service, including environments, staff behavior and technology, and Skanska’s direct involvement in the sales process, from interest to purchase and beyond. This included aspects such as a dedicated design advisor to capture current and future needs and preferences, and to discuss and explore design and tailored options to realise each client’s vision. Similarly, we looked beyond purchase to creating a place where people want to live, building in supplier and community partnerships to both support the house move process and the ongoing living experience.

Engine’s approach helped Skanska to identify points of differentiation, to increase the economic value and desirability of their homes and to define their unique offer in the market.

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Engine produced a broad, end-to-end journey to tangibly deliver Skanska’s values and align the service with partners, community networks, third parties and future residents.

The multi-phase project included deliverables throughout, which aimed to introduce the wider Skanska team to service design practice and approach. Engine developed tools to define service standards and to enable measurement and further service development, including the residents’ journey.

Engine delivered a Customer Experience Strategy to support Skanska to deliver core and unique elements of the sales and support experience. This included a service vision with supporting principles and the high-level customer journey, with signature service moments and concepts to bring it actionably to life.

This programme of work is linked to Skanska’s large UK residential development in Cambridge, which will provide a pilot site for the new services and customer experiences.

Part of Engine’s role in this engagement was as concept guardians, developing the project and upskilling the Skanska team to provide the capabilities to develop, manage and market their new sales and support services.

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