Rapid envisioning of new service propositition

Rapid envisioning of new service propositition


Challenges and opportunities

Engine were asked to support VW’s Service Development team in Wolfsburg to inspire and develop the vision for a new service platform to develop new engagement proposition for Generation Y customers (18 - 25 year olds).

The focus was on how to engage with this group, attract them to explore and  experiment with products and support them  through learning into their driving life.

What we did

We facilitated a series of working sessions with the internal teams and young drivers to generate and evaluate new ideas and to develop these into service propositions that  incorporated current technological and  service capabilities.

Each proposition was visualised against scenarios describing interactions, key touch points and  potential new revenue streams.

These were assessed for viability and feasibility by the marketing and technical teams: covering the impact to existing  business lines, the promotion of used and approved pre-owned car sales and the opportunities provided for linking customers to existing insurance and  after-sales services.


The project concluded with a 2 day working session to make a case for investment, including the outline for a programme of work that would take the concepts through to pilot.

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