Sharing Service Design with Korean designers

Sharing Service Design with Korean designers


Challenges and opportunities

The Korean Institute of Design Promotion (KIDP) approached Engine as part of their exploration and support of Service Design in Korea. The aim was to expose a number of young designers from a range of disciplines to service design tools and methods and to see them in action.

This involved a comprehensive introduction to ways of working in the practice of Service Design. The programme also focused on how the approach can be used to practically implement change in an organisation and the role of Service Design in designing for businesses.

What we did

Engine designed and ran a five-day seminar programme for KIDP and the participants. The aim was for the participants to learn about Service Design, the central themes that distinguish it from other disciplines and the techniques involved through hands-on experience.

The programme was aimed at learning through doing, not just listening, and Engine wanted to help the participants to be challenged and inspired. Each participant was issued a project brief to focus on throughout the week and to make the exercises and benefits applicable and tangible.

The programme comprised of a week of instructional, inspirational and intellectual exercises, together with case studies and relevant guest speakers.

To demonstrate the approach in practice, Engine also designed a brief for participant teams who went out and around London, researching and gaining insights from which to develop service concepts based around the brief.

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Engine has now run three seminars for KIDP, iteratively evolving the programme after feedback from the participants. This involved a tour of London services where Service Design has been implemented, such as the Cycle Hire scheme.

At the conclusion of the week, the participants were encouraged to review and present back all they had experienced, to reflect on the role of Service Design and its value. 

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