Focusing on journey design to drive change in multiple markets.

Focusing on journey design to drive change in multiple markets.


Challenges and opportunities


The culture of many of E.ON’s businesses is rooted in energy supply and distribution management. They are engineering businesses with sales and marketing ‘bolted on’. Increased competition and new legislation required the business to address customer experience development and management as a commercial imperative.

Consumers’ expectations were changing with many more customers expecting to do business with their energy provider solely through digital channels. Yet many more of E.ON’s customers across Europe still prefer to pick-up the phone and speak to E.ON, and get a paper invoice each month. The challenge was to design a multichannel customer experience and to future-proof IT requirements.

Each market has a Customer Experience team, but the constitution, remit and experience of these teams varied widely. The Group Customer Experience Team was small and focused on influencing senior leaders, with little practical support to offer local markets.


Reduce retail operating costs by designing a better, more usable service for customers; and in doing so reduce the likelihood customers will switch to another supplier.

Develop an approach to customer experience improvement that starts with the customer and their world and delivers multichannel solutions.

Embed a management structure and approach to customer journey management.

Model new ways of designing the customer experience in leading markets, and propagate new practices across other markets. 

Build a training capability to sustain
the good work.

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What we did

Engine has worked with E.ON for more than 5 years on customer experience design projects in the UK, Spain, Sweden and Italy.

We’ve redesigned the experience of becoming a customer of E.ON in all four markets; and the experience for home-movers in the UK and Italy.

We worked with the team in Sweden to develop new product and service propositions to support customers to save energy.

Following successful projects in Italy, which helped them make the case for customer journey design, they asked us to develop a Customer Journey Design Toolkit. This toolkit is now part of the Group customer experience toolkit.

In 2012 we developed E.ON Group’s Customer Experience Maturity Model, a model still in use by the Group Centre of Excellence and markets.

We continue to host Group customer experience design training events at our studios in London.

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The Group programme continues to improve the experience for customers while developing skills and capabilities in the markets. 

Following our early projects with the UK, the business achieved benefits including:

133k improved direct debit joining journeys annually.

5000 annual reduction in calls to the transfer team.

300% NPS increase for SMS-only customers.

1700 fewer customer complaints per year.

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