Increasing customer satisfaction in Italy

Increasing customer satisfaction in Italy


Challenges and opportunities

Engine is currently working with E.ON group on their high level strategy, the NPS Centre of Excellence. As part of E.ON’s development of customer-centred service excellence, they are focusing on a Net Promoter Score (NPS) programme rollout, using NPS as the key indicator to measure customer satisfaction. This commenced in 2009 in the UK and was extended across Europe in 2010.

Engine’s role in this programme is to work with different business units to identify opportunity areas and to establish a clear Service Design approach to place customers at the heart of the design decision-making process. We have been working across a range of territories in Europe, focusing on each territory’s specific needs and cultural perspectives and re-designing specific journeys to meet those needs and to reflect the ambitions of the business.

In Italy, it is only in recent years that energy companies have been privatised. Engine delivered a new customer journey, focused on educating and supporting customers on energy use and bringing the Italian energy market up to speed with the rest of Europe.

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What we did

To understand the current processes and behaviours for E.ON’s customers in Italy, Engine began with contextual customer research to highlight customer needs and attitudes and the existing service.

We looked at both Condo and Soho customers (blocks of flats and small businesses) to fully explore the cultural aspects of energy use and consumption in Italy. This included organisational legacy issues, a less tech-savvy market and the education required around buying energy.

We then used the research insights to create relevant and exciting propositions and packages to meet the requirements of the new market and new behaviours for customers. We iterated these propositions with the E.ON Italia team, developing concepts that met the challenges in this market. These included more face-to-face interactions, strong business support teams and simple billing and package comparison tools.

These concepts were refined and validated with the larger E.ON team and were arranged across an ideal customer journey, detailing each experience of the customer, touchpoints and key interactions with E.ON. A second phase of the project tested the customer journey and concepts in detail with customers to refine them further.

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The final concepts were detailed in customer journey maps, which were delivered with a comprehensive specification document describing each phase of the journey, highlighting benefits for both E.ON and the customer, and key enablers and concepts to support delivery and providing helpful information to customers.

Engine is currently working again with E.ON Italia, looking at residential gas customers’ journeys, from reading their gas meter, up to payment and the ongoing relationship. The focus includes, for example, supporting customers by enabling easier payment through timelier interactions, easier self-meter reading and simpler bills.

Client Testimonial

"Engine helped us think out of the box...Engine brought many ideas from other countries or other industries and helped us really think of the best options for the customers. I look forward to working again with you on the next customer journey to redesign."

Customer Experience and NPS Program Manager, E.ON Energia.

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