Driving service consistency across staff and suppliers

Driving service consistency across staff and suppliers


Challenges and opportunities


Heathrow have a lot of 3rd party contracted staff. They wanted develop a Service Standard for all suppliers and contractors to ensure high quality and consistent customer service.

Heathrow approached Engine to help them develop and define the standard.

Taking into account, high turnover, short-term placements, English as a 2nd language and a range of capabilities and training.


To better support Heathrow employees in delivering a consistently branded service.

To ensure a high level of quality across all roles incuding direct hires of Heathrow and 3rd parties.

To align this work with Heathrow’s overarching strategy ‘Make Every Journey Better’.

Deliver a higher level of customer satisfaction – serving passengers and delivering brilliant basics to show that Heathrow cares.

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What we did

We worked with the Passenger Strategy & Service team and interviewed stakeholders across the group, including the Chief Operations Officer, Terminal Directors and senior executives from the supplier companies.

We ran a series of workshops with frontline staff to define challenging scenarios and test and refine ideas.

The outputs of these sessions informed the content of the Service Standards document. This covered all roles, personalities and behaviours. It provides advice on interactions with customers and reading body language. Each aspect is detailed with key indicators and visualised scenarios to illustrate the interactions.


The Service Standard has been rolled out across the business is aligned to Heathrow’s overarching strategy, ‘Make Every Journey Better’, and supports hiring, assessment and measurement.3

The service standard is now included in all 3rd party SLAs with significant increases in staff and passenger satisfaction.

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