Driving greater customer engagement through digital tools

Driving greater customer engagement through digital tools


Challenges and opportunities


Zurich is constantly challenged to improve its customer experience as customer expectations are shaped by other retail experiences and the surge in technology and demand for digital.

Changing population demographics (increased life-expectancy in most Western countries) and changes in Government legislation (e.g. requirement for auto-enrolment in private pensions) has challenged Zurich to provide relevant and engaging services across countries and cultures.

Country-specific changes in legislation such as the UK allowing people to withdraw unlimited amounts of pension savings as cash affect consumer behaviour and represent a challenge as well as an opportunity.


Understand future needs, challenges, behaviours, motivations and expectations of their customers as the basis for design.

Develop an approach to customer experience improvement that starts with the customer and their world and delivers multichannel solutions.

Create new services and experiences that engage customers, improve customer acquisition and loyalty, and drive new revenue opportunities whilst reducing the cost to serve through low cost channels.

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What we did

Engine has led three major customer experience projects for Zurich (an ideal claims experience, engaging over 50’s in retirement planning and workplace pensions and retirement savings) as well as running numerous workshops in the UK, Italy and Switzerland.

By truly understanding Zurich’s customers and their worlds we are able to create rich customer personas and design service propositions and ideal journeys to meet their needs.

For each project we delivered concept books with detailed descriptions and illustrations of prioritised concepts and crafted ideal customer journeys.

To ensure that the near-term concepts were implementation-ready this included working with providers of specialist algorithms, and creating sketch wireframes and flow diagrams for the digital implementation teams.

We prototyped a number of concepts through our digital partner and further to feedback and refinement these have been launched into the market.

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The design process and tools we employ are being re-used on other journey design projects and have been introduced to other business teams at Group level. / The resulting propositions help customers visualise, plan and attain their desired retirements. New features engage customers emotionally, provide support though the planning process and help them stay on track to attain their goals.

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