Developing a new brand proposition from scratch

Developing a new brand proposition from scratch


Challenges and opportunities


To develop a differentiated service proposition that utlises dynamic technology to enhance sales and aftersales, both within the retail environments and when the car is on the road.

Linking together digital touch points, in-car, in-dealership and online to provide a unified customer experience.
Innovating the staffing model to move away from the ‘lone wolf’ salesman mentality.

Understanding and catering for the cultural intricacies of the Chinese market, whilst at the same not alienating the future global clientele.


To create a fully integrated digital experience unique to Quoros.
To design without the constraints of legacy systems.

Designing from the ground up allowed for more ‘cross industry’ inspiration to be used to help differentiate the dealership experience and disrupt current industry stereotypes.

  • Qoros Challenge #1

What we did

A Retail Philosophy and set of Principles aligned to their brand values and level of ambition.

A storyboard illustration of the target Target Customer Experience to help visualise the end goal and align other work streams and suppliers.

Wireframes, visual mock-ups and environmental prototypes to inform implementation teams and prototype experiences through real life situations.

A sales and aftersales service that enables customers to experience a range of brand propositions both within and outside of the dealership.

  • Qoros Approach #2.2


The brand launched with a set of propositions driven by the latest in digital technologies that enable one touch access to information, and full service integration with back-end systems.

A retail philosophy and set of core customer journeys, ensured touch-points combined to form a unified Qoros experience for both Sales and After Sales services.

Following our involvement, Qoros made their debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2013, with their domestic release at the Shanghai Motor Show a month later.

By the end of the year, they had proudly launched their first flagship dealership in Shanghai and rolled out a further 44 dealerships across China by August 2014.

Currently both Sales and After-Sales digital applications are in use across Qoros dealerships, with 60 more dealerships under design and construction.

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