Delivering the future passenger experience
Dubai Airports

Delivering the future passenger experience


Challenges and opportunities


Dubai is currently the busiest international airport in the world, however continued strain on infrastructure has prompted the construction of a new airport, whilst continuing to innovate the existing.

As airport hub competitors continue to adapt, offering similar prices and destinations, passengers have never had so much choice. Before it was just airlines who had to compete, now it’s the airports themselves as well.

Dubai is a global hub so meeting the needs of such a diverse group of customers is a major challenge.

They need to cater for and predict the future needs of passengers.

Dubai Airports’ ambition is to become ‘The Biggest and the Best’. To succeed it must work closely with their biggest strategic partners, Emirates.


To revolutionise the airport experience on an unprecedented scale and redefine the airport/airline relationship.

Get consensus around what makes a great passenger experience

Ensure that they have the right suite of services and products 

Enhance the passenger experience whilst identifying new revenue opportunities i.e. in the airport and in the air.

Better educate passengers during the ‘anticipation phase’ before they fly on the services and facilities available.

Introduce new products and services that demonstrate the value of customer experience through a programme of ‘Hero projects’ to move closer towards becoming an airport that manifests their Customer Experience (CX) vision.

Forge a virtual CX team a that acts as more than the sum of its parts to help drive the design, deployment and delivery of the future passenger experience.


What we did

A customer experience vision describing and visualising the future airport experience.

A two day engagement workshop  bringing together 120 business leaders to co-create their future.

New customer segmentation and future passenger personas to better tailor propositions and concepts.

A target customer experience,  describing what we want customers to be able to do and how we want them to feel at each stage of their journey in the airport and in the air.

A product ecosystem outlining the kit of parts needed to deliver and deploy the target experience.

A customer-led portfolio roadmap showing when new products and services will be available and marketable.

Behavioral frameworks for a pilot passenger experience programme in Terminal 3 that is exclusively for Emirates with over 300 ‘hospitality’ staff serving 9 million passengers. 


The vision has been signed-off by leadership to support prioritisation and investment decisions at the portfolio level.

Customer personas have been adopted by Dubai Airport for customer service training, the design and development of products and services and a drive to a more customer centric business mindset.

Improvement of the proposition and experience for passengers with lengthy transfers and stop-overs at the airport as evidenced by an increase in NPS.

The success of the pilot programme means it will be rolled out across the airport from 2017.

A number of new ways of working and new development capabilities have been established across both organisations.

A more strategic alignment on what the experience should be and what products and services are required to deliver it.

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