Defining future target experiences

Defining future target experiences


Challenges and opportunities


Revitalising the existing customer experience in order to maximise the impact of their new line-up of cars.

Overcoming siloed business environments in order to create a holistic and joined-up customer journey.

Improving relevancy and increasing customers propensity to recommend Fiat.

To better engage with local regions helping them inform the global solution.

Managing culture change, whilst at the same time being sensitive to the pressures a present-day dealer is under.

Creating a joined-up physical and digital experience, whilst taking care to ensure that technology supports, but does not become the experience.

Creating a welcoming environment that doesn’t intimidate customers.


To create a fully integrated digital and physical customer experience.

Deliver a joined up customer experience that works on both a global and local level.

Build Fiat’s internal service design capability and increase customer experience maturity.

Redesign the showroom experience and its relationship with technology.

Put the customer at the heart of everything in order to ensure the experience fits with customer choices instead of just what the dealers dictate.

Establish a clear vision around which to rally the organisation.

What we did

A research report detailing the results and learnings. This provided the senior team at Fiat with a deeper understanding the attitudes of their customers and front line staff.

A strategic framework with implementation guidelines. This provided a solid base for idea generation.

A series of 10 concepts were created across all journey phases, alongside high-level deployment requirements. This included the tools systems and content needed to deliver the experience across multiple touch-points.

A future journey framework to help communicate the vision to the organisation and network.


The strategic framework has been used to inform further work streams across the organisation.

The senior team now have a clearer understanding of the current customer and dealer experience and where the quick wins are for improvement.

A series of concepts are currently in development with an eye to launch in the near future. Whilst not yet fully implemented these concepts demonstrated the direction that should be pursued to meet customer needs of the future.

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