Defining and designing a new branded future experience
Finnair Finavia

Defining and designing a new branded future experience


Challenges and opportunities


To maximise the potential of their the cooperation between Finnair and Finavia to achieve their joint goal to make Helsinki Airport ’the shortest and smoothest way to travel between Europe and Asia’.

Articulating the Helsinki 2020 service vision. One that both organisations could rally behind.

To identify uniquely Finish propositions that mark Helsinki out as the as hub of choice.

Working with partner organisations to define roles, responsibilities and ways of working within the airport
Producing a set of compelling deliverables that really sell the strategic vision and ‘Forerunner’ propositions to stakeholders.


To design a world class airport experience to attract and service the expanding passenger base of the future.

To create a sense of space and intrinsic to this is the health and wellbeing of passengers and employees.

To foster a greater cooperation and collaboration between the two organisations.

Identify best-in-class customer experiences through competitor benchmarking to highlight business opportunities.

What we did

A set of customer personas, drawn from a long-list designed to cater for a wide range of customers with different attitudes to service from different key markets.

New concepts and features to enable services and experiences delivered through an omni-channel platform including people, environments, digital, connected car, partnerships, communications and contact centres.

New customer journeys, storyboarding and visualising use cases for different personas and how the new concepts and features are deployed in response.

Concepts grouped as enablers creating a set of new propositions and a view of the future experience platform required.


The concepts were used as stimulus for working sessions at JLR’s global conference and are currently being tested with NCS’s and Dealers in key markets.

The personas developed in this project are now being used in a further project to develop propositions to increase aftersales retention and drive increased parts and accessory sales.

Whilst not all fully implemented, the concepts and journeys have demonstrated the direction that should be pursued to differentiate and meet customer needs of the future.

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