Creating signature experiences
Jaguar Land Rover

Creating signature experiences


Challenges and opportunities


Responding to rapidly changing trends in consumer behaviour, preferences and above all customer experience expectations.

To combat the threat of emerging competition from independents benefitting from access to OEM technical information through EU Block Exemption legislation.

To identify and develop a new global sales and service strategy including signature experiences to differentiate the brand.

Understanding the cultural nuances of JLR’s biggest markets, Russia and China. Specifically the expectations and preferences of luxury consumers in automotive and other related sectors.


To identify pain points in the existing customer journey in order to ideate new concepts to address them head on.

To develop an experience that delivers not just in the home market but internationally as well.

To learn first hand how the service is delivered through work shadowing and stakeholder research/interviews.

What we did

An As-Is Customer Journey Map identifying pain points and initial opportunities for improvement and innovation.

A series of key retail principles supplemented by a set of customer personas whose specific needs would have to be addressed in order to deliver valuable signature experiences.

A strategic framework outlining a vision and key guiding principles.

A service concept book of ideas evaluated with customers and NSC front line staff in the key luxury markets of Russia, Italy and China.


The concepts researched well with both the NSC’s and customers, whilst not fully implemented they demonstrated the direction that should be pursued to differentiate and meet customer needs of the future.

Some of the ideas and proposed roles have been incorporated into more recent work defining the aftersales and accessories experience for 2020.

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