Identifying and qualifying new value propositions

Identifying and qualifying new value propositions


Challenges and opportunities

Bupa is a leading international healthcare group. They aim to preempt the changing and future health needs of their customers through exploring new opportunity areas and markets. Bupa had identified a potential new opportunity around children’s centres and asked Engine to explore and develop the concept into a commercial proposition to help gain support from across the company.

Engine explored the concept, including market factors and trends, target audiences and competitor reviews. We developed the commercial proposition to include the potential role and experiences of Bupa children’s centres, including floorplans, environmental concepts and how the spaces can be adapted for the benefit of children, parents and child care professionals. The proposition resonated strongly in customer focus groups and was presented to the Board, gaining buy-in and demonstrating a strong process for making a big idea into a commercial reality.

What we did

Taking the initial idea of Bupa children’s centres, Engine began by mapping and analysing the issues and opportunities around the concept. We looked at the market context, including existing and similar services, and the drivers and needs that the concept could meet, such as balancing work and family life, children’s health and wellbeing, and a central space adaptable for both parents and children.  

We reviewed competitors and their offers to see how Bupa could provide a unique and valuable proposition in this space. We defined the target audience and used their demographic details to inform the offer further, such as typical transport, income, location, and daily needs and routines.

Engine and the Bupa team then structured a service proposition with an overarching vision and details of each aspect of the centres, including environmental designs and uses. We brought this to life with illustrated layouts and example scenarios of customers experiencing the service. We also explored additional opportunities the service concept could realise, such as relationships with local schools and groups, building a stronger case for the proposition to be presented internally.

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The proposition resonated strongly in customer focus groups, and Engine incorporated feedback into the proposition before presenting it to the Board. The proposition was well received, engaging members across the Board, and was taken forward for more internal assessment.

The new commercial value proposition also served to demonstrate a creative and iterative process to explore and develop a big idea into a viable and valuable service opportunity.

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