Designing service propositions beyond financial products

Designing service propositions beyond financial products


Challenges and opportunities

Aviva, formerly Norwich Union, are a leading insurance supplier who provide a range of financial products and services. Aviva wanted to explore potential opportunity areas and key audiences where they could develop targeted propositions to add value beyond just insurance.

Aviva asked Engine to develop value-add propositions for the identified audiences and to create inspiring and compelling materials to help gain support from across the business. The process was designed to support Aviva to build their own capabilities and develop their own propositions.

Engine worked with Aviva to deliver five new propositions that represented the overarching concept of providing value and support to their ecologically-aware residential and business customers. We presented the propositions and the customer journey of the key audience, outlining the benefit to them and to Aviva, and included a roadmap of Aviva’s potential Green future. One of the propositions was taken forward within the business and Engine continued to work with Aviva to explore other key markets and audiences.

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What we did

Engine familiarised themselves with the target audience by absorbing insights from qualitative research commissioned by Aviva. This informed our understanding of the key circumstances, activities, and issues the audience experiences, such as making homes and contents more environmentally efficient, and the expectations and legislation for businesses to operate on more ecological lines. This helped Engine to design a quantitative research phase to further assess and validate the priorities and behaviours of the target group. We translated these insights into principles and ideas to use in co-creative working sessions with Aviva.

These sessions explored and brainstormed potential propositions, generating over 100 customer-centred ideas. We worked with Aviva’s business analysts to refine the ideas into five propositions to represent the concept of providing value and support to ecologically-aware customers.

Engine and Aviva developed the propositions, detailing how they could work and the value they would provide to customers and Aviva.  We then brought the propositions to life in a visual business case to be accessible to other teams and departments, communicating the ideas across the business.

The propositions were studied and evaluated by business analysts and underwriters, and one proposition, the ‘Green Club’, was chosen to be taken forward. This proposition detailed an online space and forum for customers to interact with and purchase Aviva’s eco-products and services, and to track their Green behaviours and money and energy savings.

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Engine delivered the propositions as a visual business case in an internal presentation. We further developed the Green Forum and delivered it as a customer journey, detailing the touchpoints and stakeholder benefits. The Green Forum was then tested in focus groups with target audience members, getting good responses, and was taken forward within the Aviva business.

Engine continued to work with Aviva, exploring and developing further opportunities and value propositions for key markets and audiences, including female entrepreneurs and micro-businesses.

Client Testimonial

"Engine are clearly free-thinking and creative. They made ideas genuinely forward-thinking but also focused on practical customer solutions, which we could realistically deliver."

Strategic Innovation Manager, Aviva (formerly Norwich Union)

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