Bringing distinct brand experiences to life
Alpha Airports

Bringing distinct brand experiences to life


Challenges and opportunities

Alpha Airports, a mid-sized UK airport operator, wanted to define a new airport retail experience at their principal airport with a distinct brand identity. The concept store significantly expanded the existing retail space, providing the opportunity for Alpha to create distinct and impactful brand experiences.

Engine explored the space, the retail staff and how they could work together to define the new customer experience. We delivered a strong service vision and accessible analogy to train and support staff to bring it to life. The strategy adapted to customers’ needs as both travellers and shoppers, and produced clear staff guidelines and customer communications to bring this to life.

What we did

Engine began to define the potential experience by using customer insights to produce a tailored customer segmentation model to help the business understand their customers through their core needs. These needs acknowledged the concerns of international travellers behaving as both passengers and shoppers and how staff could respond to this in appropriate ways.

Working in collaboration with airport staff, Engine developed a service vision based on the needs of customers from those with limited time to those with extra time and other considerations. We developed propositions to meet all these needs, including a suite of self-service tools and customer communications.

We used a powerful and accessible analogy of a theatre production to translate the vision, with the retail space as the stage and the behaviour of staff as the actors responding to their audience. Engine then tested the vision and the interrelationship between people and space through desktop prototyping with staff. This facilitated the discussion of roles, responsibilities and behaviours needed to deliver the service experience.

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The final result was a service vision that used the retail space to deliver distinct and branded customer experiences for all airport visitors.

The vision was brought to life with clear staff guidelines, including definitions of roles and responsibilities to support the training and recruitment of staff.

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