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We’ve grown an award-winning team of creative folk and delivery expertise, with insight and ideas energising everything we do.

  • Oliver King

    Oliver King


    As a co-founder and director of Engine, Oliver helps organisations to identify where, when and how they can provide better, more meaningful and valuable services.

    Oliver is a passionate advocate of co-creation, design thinking and helping organisations to help themselves through actively building their internal service design capabilities. Oliver works across all sectors, but has extensive experience in travel, automotive, hospitality and energy sectors.

    Oliver is a recognised pioneer in his field. He is a keynote speaker and regularly writes internationally on the topics of service design and innovation. Oliver has also servced as a board director of the Design Business Association.

  • Joe Heapy

    Joe Heapy


    Joe Heapy is co-founder and Director of Engine Service Design. With roots in industrial product design, Joe is an advocate of the social value of design in improving people’s lives.

    Joe has worked with clients across sectors to improve business performance and the experiences of service users. He helps organisations to formulate strategy and deliver service innovation: improving and interconnecting customer experiences.

    Joe has collaborated with Demos to research and publish The Journey to the Interface, a book describing user-centred approaches to service design in the public sector, is Honorary Professor of Design at Glasgow School of Art and a Visiting Professor at the Royal College of Art in London.

  • James Samperi

    James Samperi

    Director/ Managing Director - Engine Dubai

    James heads up our Dubai studio and is Client Director for all projects across the UAE and surrounding regions.

    James has a background in product design, design research, and product and service strategy. He is responsible for the delivery of projects, and his work includes the design and development of services for clients including Dubai Airports, Mercedes-Benz, E.ON, Microsoft and the BBC.

    James has worked both sides of the client/agency divide and has a strong appreciation of what it takes to deliver great products and services from each perspective.

    He's a regular keynote speaker and runs training workshops on service design and its impact on business. James has helped business schools and higher education institutes to develop design programs at BA and MA level.

  • Lisa Skinner

    Lisa Skinner

    Operations Director

    Lisa has previously held senior positions in marketing, sales and operations within international bluechip organisations. She's responsible for ensuring that Engine delivers the best customer experience possible for our clients (and colleagues) and understands what it takes to deliver this across the full range of Engine's activities.

  • Paddy Whiteway

    Paddy Whiteway

    Client Services Director

    Paddy works with new and existing clients to identify how Engine can help them deliver improved services and customer experiences that increase business performance.

    With some 20 years insight gained in a variety of roles, agency and client-side, he’s well versed in both the experiential and operational gains that service design can bring.

  • Gavin Maguire

    Gavin Maguire

    Senior Consultant

    Gavin has over 11 years of experience designing services at Engine. By rethinking the way client organisations do what they do, Gavin helps them stay great in the eyes of their customers. Whether crafting a fresh service strategy or working through the details of an experience, Gavin specialises in marrying an organisation’s capabilities with people’s needs and desires. Gavin’s work spans most industries – recently the technology, financial and automotive sectors.

  • Justin Kim

    Justin Kim

    Senior Service Designer

    Over six years at Engine, Justin has worked on a wide range of service design projects across the automotive, aviation and technology sectors. He’s passionate about finding differentiating, signature service experiences which both businesses and customers value.

    Justin has a product design background, with expertise in research, strategy and implementation support. He has also run service design training programmes for a diverse range of organisations in the UK and overseas.

  • Itamar Ferrer

    Itamar Ferrer

    Senior Consultant – Engine Dubai

    Itamar leads service design projects focusing on service strategy, design and product development across a range of sectors.

    Itamar has a background in visual communications and interdisciplinary design. She is passionate about people, interactions, and the processes behind decision-making. Itamar specialises in vision, strategy and service development for implementation and delivery. She has worked extensively in Aviation, Retail, Healthcare, Automotive, Education and Financial Services.

  • Ewan Cameron

    Ewan Cameron

    Senior Consultant

    Ewan's background has involved working across design and business disciplines to create a design-led approach to driving change. He has experience working across sectors with organisations to define their CX strategy and provide change leadership to define and successfully deliver programmes, while proactively addressing the challenges that tend to pop up along the way. Former clients include Emirates, Sainsburys, Vodafone, BT, Bupa, Unite Students and the NHS.

  • David Pinder

    David Pinder

    Senior Consultant - Engine Dubai

    David leads service design projects focusing on service strategy, design and development of front-line service capability.

    David is passionate about using a people-centred approach to uncover latent needs, to identify key opportunity areas and to make better objects, services and experiences.

    He has experience in transportation design and design research, working across insight, innovation and strategy projects.

  • Laurie Jones

    Laurie Jones

    Business Development Manager

    Laurie cultivated his expertise in business development and strategy while working in Product Design and Architecture, before moving into Service Design. Having lived in Europe, South America and Asia he has a broad set of skills and experiences to call upon and is interested in finding new ways to add value through design. He focuses on exploring new potential channels for Service Design and developing Engine’s portfolio.

  • Martta Oliveira

    Martta Oliveira


    Martta has a background in management, and training in design thinking and innovation. She is well travelled, having studied and worked across Europe and Asia. She brings her experience from working in a variety of consulting firms with specialisations ranging from digital strategy to operational excellence. She has experience working across Financial Services, Aviation, Hospitality, Utilities, Education and Logistics. She has helped organisations define their CX strategy, and has guided them through to prototyping and implementation.

  • Duncan Hancox

    Duncan Hancox

    Consultant - Engine Dubai

    Duncan has twenty years of experience working in the planning, delivery and change management elements of programmes. 

    His work focuses on how organisations can evolve their services to drive most value out of their interaction with customers and how to manage a team through such a design-led transformation. In particular, he has developed an expertise in sectors where there is a large infrastructure component to consider, such as health, aviation, transport, telecoms and energy production. Clients have included the NHS, Dubai Airports, Transport for London, BT, and AES Sonel. He is also an active coach and mentor in his free time, and in this capacity supports a number of small businesses in the development of their strategy and culture.

  • Daniel Pezzutti

    Daniel Pezzutti


    Daniel is fascinated by the impact social and technological shifts have on the experiences of people.

    With a background in physical and digital design across healthcare, lifestyle, lighting and media sectors he is experienced in delivering award winning propositions from conception to reality. Fluent in research and design strategy, he supports clients by creating solutions that balance sustainability with delightful user experience.

  • Amal Hmayed

    Amal Hmayed

    Senior Service Designer

    Amal is a multicultural service designer with expertise in business and strategy design, social innovation and capacity building. 

    She has worked as a consultant and advisor for numerous clients in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors in the UK and the Middle East & North Africa (MENA). She is passionate about using a design-led approach to creating and implementing seamless, innovative, and evidence-based solutions to maximise brilliant customer experiences and clients’ performance.

  • Anthony Taiwo

    Anthony Taiwo

    Finance Manager

    Anthony has worked in sectors as diverse as politics and branding; providing financial analysis and advice to peers and clients alike.

    He has management accounting experience and is adept at increasing work process efficiency, monitoring budgets to provide financial accountability and ensuring coherence with international accounting standards.

    He joins Engine as Finance Manager responsible for our London and Dubai studios.

  • Tom Hoare

    Tom Hoare

    Service Designer

    Tom has a background in interaction and graphic design. He has experience working across sectors including aviation, financial services, retail and telecommunications.

    He is drawn to exploring the connections between people and technology plus how they work together to create meaningful or compelling interactions.

  • Karen Barrett

    Karen Barrett

    Service Designer

    Karen has a background in psychology and interaction design. Her previous consulting roles have included work in healthcare, the third sector, and the public sector – where she participated in and lead service design, cultural change and research programmes.

    Karen is passionate about applying design thinking and behavioural insights to inform great services and experiences.

  • Marc Pascual

    Marc Pascual

    Communications Designer - Engine Dubai

    Marc works across a suite of projects to design and develop engaging internal and external communications for the services being developed.

    Marc has a background in Graphic and Textile Design. He has worked with different startups designing their brand and corporate identity and brings a unique view on visual communications. Marc enjoys bringing textures into digital pieces and visualisations, making them tangible and real.

  • Nick Currer

    Nick Currer

    Sales Manager

    Nick works with Engine to introduce new clients and ways of working. With roles in marketing, sales promotion and publishing, Nick has a wealth of experience in developing conversations and relationships across sectors, both business to business and businesses directly to customers. 

  • Yeri Shin

    Yeri Shin

    Project Manager

    Yeri has a background in Design and Management and has worked both in-house and agency across the digital, retail, luxury and automotive industries. Having spent half her life in South Korea and half in the UK, Yeri understands how to navigate differences in culture and approach. She ensures the smooth running of Engine’s projects by overseeing budgets, timelines and human resources – and has a keen interest in optimising operational efficiency.

  • Sam Hirsch

    Sam Hirsch

    Service Designer

    As a service designer, Sam brings the set of skills from his industrial design, strategy and innovation background. He employs a passionate and user-centred approach to business and design challenges. Sam has experience with a range of clients from Pharmaceuticals and financial institutions to technology start-ups.

  • Maria Afrah

    Maria Afrah

    Finance and Office Assistant

    Maria is our finance and office assistant, working to ensure the best finance and office processes possible for colleagues, clients and suppliers across our London and Dubai studios.

    Before Engine, Maria spent time in sales and co-ordinated a major health and safety research project for the UK's second-largest trade union, UNISON. She studied psychology and international politics at university and has a keen interest in writing fiction. 

    Day-to-day Maria is responsible for setting up and implementing new policies, purchasing, invoicing, general finance and office administration and looking after the welfare of the London studio.

  • Joe La Trobe

    Joe La Trobe

    Graphic Designer

    Joe has graphic design experience in print and digital as well as coding and concept design. He likes to rise to the challenges of communicating ideas and information visually and continues to question and experiment with the graphic design process. Joe is interested in future technologies but also enjoys the art and craft of great print design.

  • Rania Safty

    Rania Safty

    Project Manager - Engine Dubai

    Rania’s background is in Economics and is a certified Project Management Professional. She has over 10 years experience in project management and business planning in consulting services. Rania believes in planned creativity and works to create the proper atmosphere for Engine’s design team to do their job creatively with quality, within time and within budget. 

  • Georgia Weeden

    Georgia Weeden

    Studio Experience Manager

    Georgia is our Studio Experience Manager, working alongside the Office Manager. An accomplished singer/songwriter as well as a talented multi-tasker, she brings motivation and efficiency to the London studio.

  • Roger Mason

    Roger Mason

    Associate - Illustrator

    Roger is a prodigious draughtsman with nearly two decades of professional experience as a storyboard and comic artist. He brings an unbiased creative eye to proceedings, and is able to visualise any concept or idea demanded of him.

  • Clare Hatfield

    Clare Hatfield


    Clare is a project lead and enjoys bringing different specialists together to develop business solutions in a fun, creative way. She started her career as a newspaper reporter, feeding her curiosity about how people behave and why. Today, that inquisitiveness helps businesses, from banks and hotels to media and travel providers, improve and create every day products and services to fit with people’s lives.

  • Paul Elworthy

    Paul Elworthy

    Senior Consultant

    Paul has extensive CX and service management experience across TMT, Rail and Finance sectors – having worked with major brands including Virgin, Sky and Barclays.

    With over 20 years’ client side experience, Paul has a passion for designing and delivering insight led service enhancements and is well exposed to the tough cultural, operational and commercial challenges that often face companies when delivering exceptional service.

  • Bethany Frank

    Bethany Frank


    Beth works on projects across a range of clients and spends time in both our London and Dubai studios.

    Beth grew up in the Middle East and trained in product design in Edinburgh and Oslo. She uses her different cultural hats to relate to those living and working in various contexts. 

    Beth enjoys creating products and solutions that drive positive change for people and efficiency within organisations. Beth has designed improved services within luxury retail, travel sector, telecommunications as well as in non-profit sector.

  • Adam Beer

    Adam Beer

    Associate Illustrator

    Adam is an accomplished storyboard artist with 15 years experience producing storyboards and visuals for TV, commercials, games, music promos, animation and events. He works with us to help communicate and visualise concepts and bring service experiences to life.

  • Steve Heron

    Steve Heron

    Associate Consultant

    Steve has over 20 years experience in leading multi-disciplined teams through a wide variety of creative challenges across multiple business sectors. 

    Using his mantra of ‘Design for the user – deliver for the client’ he focuses on combining the specific business needs of the client with an innovative approach for exploring co-creation methods to identify how to be relevant to the needs and expectations of the consumer in order to deliver meaningfully different services, products and communications.

    He regularly gives up time to develop and run design thinking workshops for leading UK universities.

  • Kathrin Dimai

    Kathrin Dimai


    Kathrin has worked on a wide range of service strategy and digital transformation projects across the private and public sector, including the telecommunications, energy, healthcare, insurance and travel industries.

    She blends thinking and making by exploring users' and businesses' needs and translating them into meaningful insights to use during the design process from concept vision development to service prototyping and implementation.

  • Theo Blackburn

    Theo Blackburn

    Associate Consultant

    Theo uses a variety of skills and an abundance of energy to develop the strategy and principles that drive great experiences, and to shape the relationships that brands have with their customers with improved service interactions. With experience across retail, auto, media and tech industries, he is motivated by the way tools such as service prototyping can create added value in everyday experiences and develop clever and compelling new services.

  • Leeor Levy

    Leeor Levy


    Leeor is a consultant whose process combines ethnographic research with design processes to develop service and innovation strategy. Leeor brings over 20 years of experience in communication and design, ethnographic research and strategy development to bridge the gap between insight generation and its application to solutions. Her process focuses on understanding how organisations are situated not only in their business context, but in the social and cultural contexts of the people they engage with, to help build relevant and meaningful consumer experiences. Leeor has worked internationally for clients and organisations across consumer technologies, healthcare, the public sector and international development.

  • Sofia Loreto

    Sofia Loreto


    Sofia has a background in design, psychology and marketing. Having lived and worked in different countries in Europe and the Middle East, she is passionate about exploring projects in the intersections of these fields within their cultural contexts.

    She has 7 years of experience in identifying stakeholders’ needs and transforming these into actionable insights for business growth and innovation. 

    Sofia has worked extensively across public and private sectors in the FMCG, consumer electronics, telecom, aviation, financial services, banking, entertainment, pharmaceutical, energy and fashion industries.

  • Veron Lai

    Veron Lai


    Veron is a highly accomplished service design and UX designer with experience across healthcare, public sectors and banking.

    Working in Hong Kong and London she has led global end-to-end digital design and delivery projects and has gained extensive experience of what it takes to get things done.

    Veron is also an engaging speaker and tutor on service design and user experience. 

  • Paul Foley

    Paul Foley

    Associate Retail Consultant

    Paul has a background in brand experience, design strategy and 3D design, across retail, leisure, experience, and workplace. He is a proactive thinker and strongly believes that immersion in the “customer world” and understanding their needs, combined with a creative, versatile and strategic design approach, leads to the best design solutions - creative, responsive and fit for purpose.

Helping us make it happen

Joining-the-dots of multichannel service and delivery requires collaboration across teams, internal and external.

We work with our clients to figure out what’s needed and often work closely with internal delivery teams and external partners. And, when it’s needed we also work brilliantly with our own network of small, creative and energetic agencies to make things happen. 

Digital platforms and products are central to any multichannel service and customer experience. Uber deliver clever and creative front-end design and development, and integration, as well as great content and media to support vision-selling.

Tayburn’s highly creative work helps bring products and services to market by creating new brands and refreshing old ones. They also develop compelling internal brands that bring impact to service transformation programmes inside organisations.

People are everything when implementing new services and customer experience, especially when the change needed requires a shift in service culture. Clarity work to deliver the vision and experience through people, from leadership in the boardroom to training the frontline.

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