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Engine joins DESMA & welcomes PhD student


Service Design as an industry is growing fast. It’s important for Engine to look ahead, to improve and challenge current practices to be able to meet the demands of the future.

As Service Design becomes more widely adopted by leading organisations, we are facilitating strategic change across industries and sectors, competing with more traditional business management approaches.

This is why we are working with DESMA, a training network in Design Management, funded by the European Commission. The network consists of 4 leading European Universities: Gothenburg University, Aalto University, Politecnico di Milano and Imperial College, London. The network also has 4 corporate partners and 4 leading European design consultancies, including Engine Service Design.

DESMA is an unprecedented, cross-disciplinary effort to understand how design can be exploited as a driver of innovation and competitiveness in Europe.

Eva Kirchberger will be working with Engine for 3 years, investigating the impact of Service Design on organisational transformation. Eva’s background at Central Saint Martins and her current PhD studies in the Entrepreneurship & Innovation Dept, Imperial College Business School, make her the ideal Early Stage Researcher to look at Service Design practices through a management lens. 

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