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We're always on the lookout for people to work with us. We like people who enjoy exploring a challenge, working out solutions, polishing them and packing it all up. You can see from what we do that we're creative, process is important to us, and we enjoy understanding what makes people tick. Developing ways of thinking, finding an angle and making things seem as simple as possible, are all skills we value.

We are interested in different levels of experience and expertise, so whatever your specialism, field or experiences, get in touch.

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Current vacancies

  • Change Consultant

    We want to make the world a better place one service at a time. Behind every great service is a great organisation. We help organisations across sectors to imagine, prototype and deploy high-performing, branded services and experiences for their customers.

    Over the last five or six years, we’ve realised that designing a new service and experience is relatively easy compared with the challenge of designing a really great one – and more so, making it happen. We also realised that our projects change people too. We began to see how being part of a ‘design-led’ project helped teams and organisations get new services and experiences out there into the world faster and with greater focus. Today, Engine continues to build a practice that combines creative people and change people into a team of ‘effective creatives’.

    We’re looking for someone with change consulting skills who’s excited by the idea of working within a creative and customer-driven business.

    Your primary responsibility is to be the bridge between Engine and the Client organisation to ensure the client organisation is ready and able to accept the change required by the design.

    You are a highly competent accomplished consultant which means you become a trusted advisor for Engine’s clients. Not only will you build and maintain long-term relationships with our clients, you will forge a fantastic working relationship with the Engine design team. Most importantly your consultancy skills and craft will ensure that Engine enables its clients to get more to market faster.

    You will be an expert in successfully managing change and most importantly create the right environment for change to be successfully embedded.



    Outcome focused – you will continually monitor and check the design solution will meet the client requirements that will ensure the design can be implemented. You will define the change approach to make sure the cultural change needs are addressed. You will ensure that the required project outcomes are met.

    Outputs - you will be responsible for delivering all design-led change outputs (including, for example, design and change readiness report, stakeholder analysis and engagement plans, capability summary, enablers, requirements, benefits case, design and change approach, pilot process and roadmap).

    Case for change - you will be responsible for building relationships and working with stakeholders within the client oragnisation and alongside the client to create the case for change. Responsible for ensuring that senior stakeholders client-side understand the strategic story, case for change and related benefits for the change. You’ll define ways to baseline and measure value created or eroded over time.

    Design Champion - you will be a strong advocate for the business value of design and take every opportunity to promote this within client and other organisations. You’re able to help our clients see the value of the Engine proposition, design-led process and way of working, even when they are not familiar with design.

    Creating the right conditions - you will work with the client stakeholders to understand and represent their needs. You will be responsible for ensuring that the client organisation’s needs, boundaries and limitations are identified and reflected in the final design. You will be responsible for assessing what is required in the client organisation to enable the change to be accepted. You will be responsible for identifying any cultural change requirements related to the design. You will scope and define pilots and implementation programmes where the design intent is maintained across work streams.

    Capability Building - you will be a key part of building Engine’s Design-Led Change capability and developing specific parts of the Engine proposition. You will continually review methodologies, outputs and processes used within the design-led change process, ensure they reflect best practise and enable clients to get more to market faster. You will ensure that there is a standardised set of ‘change’ outputs and output descriptions.

    The type of person you will need to be

    You show you care - you can empathise and respond to the pressure others are under. You can adapt and match your approach to work with different kinds of people. You are reliable and trustworthy.

    You take the lead - you can recognise the need to take people on a journey with you and have a variety of ways you can do this. You can form a clear point of view and direction. You show you can find the right ways to motivate and influence others.

    You focus on the outcome - you understand or can determine what will make a piece of work hit the intended outcome. You can adjust your priorities and focus tasks on achieving the true outcome of the project. You can keep others focused on the right outcome.

    You make it better - you can spot and act on opportunities to improve things. You can persuade others of the need to improve something and get them onside. You are comfortable giving and receiving feedback and recognise others’ good work.

    You inspire and enable others - you can inspire others with the quality of your thinking and ideas, along with the conviction you have in them. You can influence and motivate those around you to act towards the best outcome. You share the challenge of getting something done.


    -       You're an accomplished consultant with a track record of successful project delivery. Experience with managing programmes of change for transformation projects where an ambitious vision and strategy have been set and need to be delivered.

    -       You must have experience in delivering change within a customer experience programme or to drive tangible customer outcomes.

    -       You’re constantly seeking to understand customers, and where value is created and eroded for them and the businesses that serve them.

    -       You seek to put yourself in the shoes of your client – to anticipate, recognise and meet their needs, understand their perspectives and offer appropriate leadership and support.

    -       You are an expert in change methodologies and business readiness tools and processes, including developing communications strategies and plans, change plans and change tracking.

    -       You’ve excellent skills in storytelling, facilitation and stakeholder engagement, how to scope and influence process and system design, change management, requirements definition, implementation scoping and planning, and programme management.

    -       You can successfully find the ‘sweet spot’ between creative and management approaches to solve complex design and implementation problems. 


    What great looks like

    -       Demonstrates specialism in key areas of the Engine offer (both sector and project type).

    -       Real strength and depth in providing strategic direction to both clients and the project team.

    -       Experienced in guiding significant clients through a new service development and innovation process while helping them plan and prepare to implement it.

    -       Experience of understanding change requirements in at least two of the following areas: people and culture, IT & technology and product development process and capability.

    -       Able to translate a customer experience programme into change requirements across people, processes, technology, products.

    -       Able to set and maintain a clear implementation approach throughout the client engagement.

    -       Able to support the client to articulate the emotional and rational value of the design, and assess the complexity, risks and costs in implementing new propositions and services.

    -       Able to provide strategic guidance and support across several projects.

    -       Demonstrates a detailed understanding of the dynamics and complexity of service businesses.

    -       Demonstrates a detailed understanding of the inherent challenges in innovating and changing how the service is designed, delivered and improved and how to tackle them.

    -       Able to ‘join the dots’ both within Engine and across different parts of the client   organisation to collectively deliver the best outcome for the client.

    -       Comfortable having detailed discussions with staff across many business departments and at board level.

    -        Able to lead large projects and play a central role in establishing new client relationships or improving Engine’s reputation.